Flip Sides aka Bad Art I’ve Made

HI! I’m really excited to share a few blurbs about things I’ve made. The last time I did this, you seemed to like it so here we go again. Except…PLOT TWIST! It’s all incredibly bad art. Being consistently inspired by Austin Kleon’s books, I wanted to share the stuff that’s not so great. In reality that’s most of what I make. The idea  ...

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How can you be an artist or maker and a minimalist? 

How do you manage being an artist or maker AND a minimalist? To figure this out I think we should define the word. What is a minimalist? Do they even coexist with creators? If I could copy The Minimalists about page here, I would.  Minimalism is, as according to the people I learned about minimalism from, “a tool to rid yourself of life’s  ...

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