6 Simple Mindfulness Tips You Can Start Using Right Now

For the past few months I’ve been dabbling in “mindfulness”. Mindful living is about taking time to correct useless habits and create new ones that benefit more than just one’s current state. It’s a challenge, but one that leads towards making more meaningful strides and fewer aimless steps. I’ve of course got plenty more to learn, but here are a few simple mindfulness tips to get you started.

Listen to Everything

Try to see how many individual sounds you can hear. When you break down the noise you’re hearing you’ll become aware of conversations, appliances, music, footsteps, insects, and even things that you don’t necessarily think of as having sound. Taking time to listen to what’s going on around you, takes you out of your own little world and places you in a much bigger one. This ultimately reminds you of all that exists.

When: Try it on your commute. Trust me, you’ll hear more than just noise.

Ask someone what word you say a lot, try not to say it

This helps you focus on what you’re saying. It may not be a bad word or phrase that you use often, BUT you’re still forced to rearrange your sentences. Therefore you’re actually thinking about what you’re about to say before you say it.

Don’t look at your phone unless you have a text/call (or any work related) notification

There’s not a deeper lesson behind this except that you’ll probably waste less time. 

Is that too easy for you? Then delete all of your unnecessary apps. If it’s not adding anything to your day, it shouldn’t be taking up space in your phone.

Mindfulness Tips | Sirensfinds - photo by Ivory Mix

Write down two good things every day

Many times when we summarize a day, our conclusion is based off of one or two things that happened. Forcing yourself to acknowledge two good things that happened in a day will remind you that even though your co-worker may have been a jerk, there are things like good parking spaces and incredibly good cups of coffee.

When: Before bed/ whenever your day starts to wind down.

Clean up right after every thing you do

Being considerate of space does a lot for your brain. Cleaning up after yourself immediately after you’ve finished with a project helps create a habit that greatly reduces stress and makes life easier for others (you know, because they don’t have to move your stuff).

Go out of your way

If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of our day is made up of routine. This isn’t a bad thing at all—it’s incredibly helpful to have a way that works in place. However, getting into a routine often allows us to not think. When you break a routine, though, you become aware of the fact that you’re no longer in autopilot and your brain will actually notice new things even if they’re not really new.

When: at the part of your day that seems most stale

Being mindful is called many things: being in the now, living in the moment, being in tune..but it all comes down to simply being aware. Be aware of the things you do and how you can do them better. Take note of the time you spend and see if you can be using your days more wisely. Think of your speech and make sure that what you say is what you mean. Mindfulness is adding intention to your life, and making the most of what is here.

Have any mindfulness tips for adding intention to what you do? Share them with me below!


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