About SirensFinds

Sirensfinds aims to connect and encourage artists, makers, and other creatives in a supportive community. The focus is not only on what is created but also how and why you should keep creating. As SirensFinds grows, I’d like to foster the community into one that promotes one another, learns, and grows together.

If you are or know a creative soul who lives through their work and would like to write about how and why it means so much to them, contact me!


About Serena (the Siren)

As a professional dabbler, I love trying new things and learning from those who excel at them. I love meeting other creative people and seeing how they contribute to the world and make the most of their life using their craft.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room” – for this reason I love hearing the stories of makers as everyone has a story you can learn from.


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