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Illustrator, painter, and designer Mina Wilcox grew up in Shirakawa City in Fukushima Japan. Her grandfather was a major influence in her introduction and dedication to art and creating.

My grandfather was a wood block print artist and he shared his love of art with me… Most of my time was spent [making] art with grandpa in the basement when I was little. My grandfather always said my mom, “Don’t say no to her, her artistry is great.” when I painted pictures on the walls in our home. So I had to believe my artwork was great.

I chose to study of Art to honor my grandfather wishes.I graduated with a degree in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University in Tokyo Japan I next studied Graphic Design from Kuwasawa School of Design. Upon graduation I worked as a display designer at a large department store in Tokyo. It was such an exciting job! At that time I took a trip to Hawaii and became interested in Hawaiian culture through Hula dance, which was then reflected in my art.

After moving to the united stats, I got into action as illustrator and artist in California. My illustrations appeared in magazines. And I showed my arts at the gallery exhibits.
Mina Wilcox | Sirensfinds
Now I enjoy putting my art on various gifts that people might enjoy. This job is the greatest! I can use all of my experience of art work.

Mina’s creative routine is both simple and family-centric, making her love love what she does even more.

I work in the morning while my son is at school. I work at my small art studio next the kitchen, listening to Hawaiian music, sometime boiling red beans. My cat ( Sally ) and dog (Molly) are sleeping nearby. I really love this time. After my son comes home we share my working table. He does his homework and I do my art work. I am lucky to spend time with my son at home during working.
Mina Wilcox | Sirensfinds
I am working make my family happy here. My art work creates an atmosphere of industry and happiness at home. Imagining that my art will give enjoyment to somebody somewhere in the wold gives me a feeling of excitement!

Her inspiration comes from all around, including places and cultures she’s loved and experienced creating unique and fun pieces and designs.

Mina Wilcox | SirensfindsThe images captured in my art are from the imaginary “Poe Poe island” of the Hawaiian Islands and Polynesian culture. Hawaiian Hula dance evokes events of nature. Such as the swaying of a tree in the breeze and the movement of a wave in the ocean, as well as feeling of human emotion such as fondness or yearning. I wished to draw them and add humor as a result I created Poe Poe Island. It is the inspiration and foundation of my art. My art is takes the form of a travel journal about the scenic beauty of Poe Poe island and the Poepoe’s relaxed lifestyle.

Overall, Mina enjoys the people she gets to meet and interact with through art and finds that to be a rewarding result.

I meet many charming people thought my art. I call them angels. I really enjoy chatting with them. They like animals, plants, natures. I’m honored that they like my art!


Be sure to check out Mina’s work on her site (and Etsy!) as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

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