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Rediscovering Passion | Becca Ketelsleger

Writing is one form of art one can learn to appreciate from an early age. Author Becca Ketelsleger is proof of such an appreciation. From Becca’s intense love for reading stemmed a love of writing. Since she was about 6 years of age, she started writing her own stories ranging from adventure to horror to romance.

Noble Warrior Becca Ketelsleger | Sirensfinds

I first started my novel Noble Warrior at the age of 13. At first I hand wrote it, then transferred it to my family’s desktop computer. This story saw me through high school, my undergrad and my first professional position. It saw me through my parent’s divorce and numerous flings until I began my first adult relationship… I never dreamed that I would someday self publish this story that was in so many ways my story.

After receiving no response from several publishers early on and editing her words, characters, and scenes, Becca became discouraged feeling that her story was never good enough. However, the spark did return! After giving her story another go, Becca understood the joy of telling a story again.

It’s the joy of speaking some sort of truth, capturing a moment in time, and sharing it with others… Within a month, I announced online my plans to self publish and was met with an outpouring of encouragement. I hastily finished my revisions, designed a cover and threw what was truly my life’s work out into the world. 

Noble Warrior Becca Ketelsleger | Sirensfinds

After releasing her work there were a few issues, but instead of becoming disillusioned her writing skills once more Becca decided to continue. Following Noble Warrior’s release in June 2015, Becca has nearly finished Rightful Heir, her second novel, to be released in Autumn 2016!

For me the backbone of any story has always been the characters. I love bringing to life characters that are real people, but also inspire us to try and be better. In Noble Warrior, the protagonist is a normal girl thrown into abnormal circumstances. It is her story of growing up and growing to love herself. For my next novel, Rightful Heir, the protagonist has quite a different story that I’m excited to share with readers. Although these are two very different women, the common thread, I hope, is how well the reader gets to know them.

Whenever I am stumped by my inadequate vocabulary or properly conveying a particularly difficult scene, I remember some advice heard long ago from some forgotten source. When you feel like you can’t write, don’t write less, write MORE 

Somewhere in the mess might be a gem, and sometimes, learning from ten years worth of mistakes is the best thing that can happen to you. 

I still love Noble Warrior, but I love the next book too, and it feels wonderful to be excited once more. 

Becca’s story reminds us that although there are setbacks amidst the journey, the best stories come from those keep on doing what they really love.

Becca Ketelsleger’s Noble Warrior is available on Amazon.

Noble Warrior Becca Ketelsleger | Sirensfinds


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