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Pictures of the Process | Cara Rosalie Olsen

Now let’s take a second to adore this feed. Full of light, color, and loads of good vibes, this is the work of Cara Rosalie Olsen known on instagram as @molluskgrl from molluskLOFT on Etsy.

Cara Rosalie Olsen | Artist Feature | Sirensfinds

A common issue we come across as makers, artists, creators, HUMANS is that we focus an unbelievable amount of our energy in believing that we can only be one thing. Along with giving more than a bit of watercolor envy, Cara Rosalie Olsen proves to us that’s okay to have multiple passions…and carry them all well.

When I was a little, I wanted to be an opera singer. Like every prepubescent child, I found that with a little concentration and a very deep breath, I could easily match the octave of those beautiful women belting out incoherent syllables.

I can remember being absolutely amazed by my God-given “gift.”

My parents, however, were slightly less amazed. “Isn’t it incredible??? Don’t I sound EXACTLY like a real opera singer???”

“Oh, yes. Exactly like.”

Much to their dismay, whenever possible, which was pretty much always, I would go around chirping and screeching and bleating and blasting, shattering anything that had the misfortune of being within 10 feet for me.

Fortunately for EVERYONE, I grew out of that phase. But my love for music never wavered.

I always listen to music as I paint. Sometimes I even let it guide me. To take my more logical plans and form them into something fluid and surprising.

And I was just sitting here, a moment ago, listening to a song called The Literal Heart, which is sung by a band called Penny and Sparrrow. I was looking out my window, beyond which the boughs on an enormous birch tree were bending, almost frantically, the way an unskilled court jester might bow to a disapproving king, I found myself caught up.


By the beauty.

All around me.

The trees and the leaves and the patchy blue sky and vulnerability of a sleeping dog beside me.

And then the song ended, and it ends in a way that is surprising if not quite jarring, and it startled me with its abruptness, the way it always does.

And I thought…. how appropriate.

Because isn’t that exactly how life works?

It doesn’t taper off; it doesn’t resolve into a neat and tidy bow. The moments, which are all the more beautiful for their fickleness, just begin and end.

And I was reminded that perhaps there is nothing more precious and magnificent than the idea of Right This Very Second.

– Happy Sunday, loves. . .

A photo posted by C A R A R O S A L I E ? (@molluskgrl) on

Accompanying each of her amazing works is a well thought out caption that shows Cara’s writer side…as well as her process both mental and artful. It’s true brilliance!

If you’re looking for someone to add to your Instagram feed who’s not only going to fit your aesthetic but also pique your creativity, following Cara is an absolute must.


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