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Inspiration from Art Itself | Claire McCall

Claire McCall is a modern impressionist with a unique style that fully captures its viewers. While it might be hard to believe the artist is self taught and hasn’t been painting her whole life, Claire’s work is a grand example of why you solidly should invest in your passions.

Artist Feature | Claire McCall | SirensFinds

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”. Edgar Degas

The greatest compliment someone can pay me is to genuinely stop in their tracks because they want to take the time to study the range of values and textures of my paintings or to study the drama of abstraction vs realism that is my style or just because it captures their eye and holds their attention. This is when I feel that I have really made an impact on the viewer.

It was the exhibition of one artist that flicked the switch for me in my early thirties. I decided then and there with blissful ignorance that painting would be my second career path having never studied art or tried my hand with a paintbrush. In fact, throw in some flawless optimism as I thought not of how I might learn to paint, but dreamed of my first solo exhibition. It has been said that ‘you don’t find art, it finds you’. Well art found me, just a little later than most.

Artist Feature | Claire McCall | SirensFinds

Thirteen years on, there have been many painting miles refining my skills with varied and bold brush strokes to give my works visual texture. Originally, I picked up the palette knife to loosen my background painting technique. With a brush in hand, I was often tempted to agonise over the detail. I actually love the loss of control that the knife provides and the application of oil paint with its buttery texture and beautiful surface shine when not overworked. The result has been a unique signature style and a greater mastery of ‘alla prima’ painting that gives my impressionist works spontaneity and freshness.

My colour palette is very limited and one that I use consistently. I choose brushes or knives as large as the canvas allows achieving an expressive feel. The human figure captured in everyday moments is my constant inspiration. Typically, a figure turned away from the viewer in a candid pose. The viewer is invited to complete the story…to fill in the blanks about time, place, thoughts and emotion.

Artist Feature | Claire McCall | SirensFinds

There have been no formal art lessons in my time as a painter, only a few demonstration workshops by a select few ‘painting heroes’ of mine. My greatest teachers have been the artworks of the impressionist masters of yesterday and today. As a visual learner, the written word has meant very little in my journey, but the images of bold impressionist strokes, rich colour and bright lights have been everything.

-Claire McCall is a signatory member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA) and has earned many honors including the prestigious ‘Melbourne Clifton’s Art Prize’.

You can view her work on her website,, as well as on Etsy and follow her on Pinterest and Instagram (@ClaireMcCall.Art).



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