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Artist Feature | Claudi Kessels’ Unique Style

Artist Feature | Claudi Kessels | Sirens Finds

Claudi studied graphic design in Amsterdam and was a book designer for many years until it proved to be difficult with three little ones. Instead of giving up completely, Claudi changed directions and focused on her illustrations. After sending out many to Dutch magazines, her work was picked up; this allowed her to play around with her ideas and present fantastic new concepts each season.


Artist Feature | Claudi Kessels | Sirens Finds

After catching the attention of an art director with Flair Magazine, Claudi was offered her dream project: complete illustration of Flair’s Christmas edition. This allowed Claudi toArtist Feature | Claudi Kessels | Sirens Finds play with winter elements and develop tons of illustrations, fonts, and frames—all of which she loves to do. She offered even more illustrations to Flair in later editions spanning a wide variety of content and worked with other magazines too.

Then Claudi started on her own personal project of creating something new everyday for 100 days. She shared her journey on Instagram using some of the unused illustration from her other projects. A crew of “100-dayers” followed along in Claudi’s project which spawned new collaborations and made her even more motivated and inspired to create!

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Claudi enjoys her projects and the lovely people she meets along the way!

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