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the Importance of Creativity | Dana Batho

Today is all about Dana Batho from Peacock and Fig!

DCoco and Dana | artist feature | Sirens Findsana is an artist and designer who designs and sells cross stitch patterns based on her artwork, BUT her mission goes beyond making and selling her craft. She also aims to inspire others to continue in their craft despite roadblocks and hindrances, something she knows quite a bit about.

“I was injured on military training over 3 years ago… I was medically discharged last August, and now I’m on disability and can no longer work properly… It took me 2 years to rediscover how to draw and paint (I do it digitally now), and in that discovery process I learned I can still stitch.”

However she didn’t stop there. Dana made an adapted sewing frame which allows her to more comfortably create despite the initial issues she faced trying to cross stitch with her injuries. This experience is one that Dana says taught her “how important creativity is in getting through life’s challenges, whether they be physical or emotional.” Overall Dana’s role in the creative community is to encourage others to get creative and be empowered to make changes in their life by learning to be more creative.

Solarize Dahlia | Artist Feature | Dana Batho

As an experienced artist Dana knows she could have taken an entirely different route with her business, but she wants to help aid others in their creativity. For her, cross stitch is ideal as it’s relaxing and simple yet always full of new challenges.

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