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Art with a Greater Purpose | Emily Karwoski

Emily Karwoski offers “pretty letter and words with heart” through her site the Joyful Papery. An avid “doodler”, Emily finds that her craft brought her closer to something bigger and now uses her gifts to share that joy with others. 
I’ve been known to doodle on all -and every- thing, which somehow God transformed into this little online shop, Joyful Papery. My saint of a mother recounts the days she would find me hopping off the school bus to find my left arm covered in a days worth of doodling, and she later affectionately appointed my “doodle jeans” as the only piece of clothing she allowed me to write on.

Art with a Greater Purpose | Emily Karwoski

I never thought much of it, and I certainly never considered myself an ‘artist’ by any means.

Etsy Crops - Joyful Papery © Jennifer Carr Photography-16

When Jesus captured my heart and I desired to hide Scripture deep in my heart, I began to write out and doodle verses as a way for my hands to be involved in what my heart wanted to learn. Through my journal, writing and lettering became my own intimate love language to the Lord.

The name Joyful Papery comes from a season of personal growth as I learned to wholeheartedly seek Joy  through Christ in unlikely circumstances (Philippians 4:11,12). The Lord gently taught me (and still continues to teach me) to name ALL that comes from the Lord as gifts and graces, even (and especially) when it doesn’t look as it had planned.

Art with a Greater Purpose | Emily Karwoski

Over time, I’ve fallen in love with scripted letters and encouraging words, everything from brush lettered calligraphy to soulful poetry. My heart beats fast when I get to speak life into women and the seasons of life the Lord has led them, and actively pursuing love + justice in the places God has placed me.
Emily’s work is a solid reminder that art connects to something greater, outside of ourselves and even beyond our audience. Be sure to visit Emily and the Joyful Papery shop as well as on Instagram and Facebook.

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