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Little Introverts is a shop filled with darling knitted treasures by Mako Lin.

Mako Lin | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature


As I remember myself, I always used to draw and to express my creativity in different ways. I love knitting because it is such a tactile and warm process.
It’s also a time when you can be on your own, think your thoughts and dream your dreams.
Knitted things are both cosy and practical. And when it comes to knitted dolls they are just so cute and huggable.

The idea behind my “little introverts” dolls came from my childhood when my mother used to make similar dolls. I loved the simplicity and minimalism of them, so I went even further in this minimalistic approach (I studied architecture
by the way) to make my own dolls both simple and unique.

Mako Lin | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature

Being an introvert myself I decide to call them “little introverts”. As you can see, you couldn’t call any of them a big mouth. But every one of them has its own personality, and I call them different names.
I pretend that they are as artistic as I am and live in imaginary world.
They have a place in my house, a little room on one of my bookshelves, with just-like-real handmade furniture.

Mako appreciates the freedom and escape that knitting offers and allows her creativity to wander often.

Mako Lin | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature

Dolls are not the only things in my Etsy shop – I love to make different things, and always invent something new. These different things, however, have something in common – a minimalistic attitude, cuteness and, fairly often, little introverts trademark pompon.
I make brooches, for which I draw my inspiration from nature, hairties.
As I am a book lover I decided to make knitted book covers, which are both protects your favorite books and just looks and feels great. They also have a delicate cotton lining inside and a bookmark.
I love to make things. And I feel happy when things I make find a new home and bring joy to their new owners.

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