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Artist Feature | Meredith Amand

Artist Feature | Meredith Amand | Siren'd Finds

Meredith’s project the Papery Craftery offers Handmade Quilling Paper Home Décor and Gifts. The project started as a creative outlet for Meredith while she worked a “real” job. Once she discovered paper quilling she was completely hooked.Artist Feature | Meredith Amand | Siren'd Finds

Before starting the Papery Craftery, Meredith volunteered on a local level with an arts alliance and was eventually able to showcase some her work in their gallery. After a few years developing Etsy, Meredith is now able to stay at home with her two little ones and continue the art of quilling through her shop and paper projects blog which offers tips, project ideas and so much more.

“I love the idea that my children will see that, even though the road seems long and daunting, they can make something out of nothing, if they set their minds to it!” Meredith’s love of the “magic of paper” and her dedication to the overall process reminds us all that although what we love may take time and hard work, in the end it’s totally worth it.


Check out the Papery Craftery’s blog and Etsy and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Artist feature | Meredith Amand | Sirens Finds

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