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Channeling Inner and Outer Inspiration | Tiffany Martin

Tiffany Martin of Piquant Pieces states that the inspiration for her work is two-fold. She is not only inspired by what surrounds her but also by what’s within her.

Piquant Pieces | Artist Tiffany Martin | Sirensfinds |

Living in the foothills of Northern California, I am constantly surrounded by natural beauty. I am in continuous awe of the gorgeous landscapes & wildlife… It is the place that makes me who I am, and it informs my artistic work. I never thought of myself as much of a “jewelry designer”… but I can’t help but see beauty in all things around me, and to want to bring that beauty out.

That’s one reason why I love working with feathers. The patterning, the texture, color, and flare. You can’t match that in any man-made material. Yet feathers fall to the wayside- if not used, they just go in the dirt. Well, that’s where I come in. I work with local farms & bird lovers to capture these gems of nature & turn them into something wearable, something lasting. I’m proud that the feathers I use are cruelty-fee/ethical- it makes the jewelry I create all the more special for those who wear it.

Tiffany’s experience as a dancer and choreographer also come into in how she presents her unique and vibrant work.

I have spent a lot of time learning about the complexities of people & how they view themselves. Unfortunately there is a whole lot of self-doubt and low self-image in the world, especially among women. We tend to be unhappy with our bodies, our appearances, our personalities…

When I started this business I knew that I wanted to inspire women & girls to love themselves. I wanted to make adornments that they could feel absolutely stunning in… to make things that complimented the absolute radiance they already exude. That is very important to me.

So my inspiration comes very much from both nature, and the natural beauty of “you”.

Piquant Pieces | Artist Tiffany Martin | Sirensfinds |

As things go, Piquant Pieces is always evolving as Tiffany learns and refines her craft, but these two factors are what she consider’s to be her “essential inspirations.”

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  1. Julia Arnold

    April 8, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Loving the feathers and the natural inspiration of Tiffany’s work!

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