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Sustainable Design | Zac Conway

Bookbinder and crafter Zac Conway of Byron Bound takes pride in offering high quality yet earth friendly products. 
Zac Conway | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature
Bookbinding fascinates me. One of the oldest master crafts of man, and still as stunning today as it was in antiquity. From a young age, a deep love of writing and books grew and was stoked by the wonders of Tolkien.
Over time this led me on a journey through Bookbinding, of discovery, and innovative and sustainable design.
I make many things now, but at my core I am a Bookbinder. And this is where Byron Bound began as a business. Creating sustainable books as an alternative to mass produced rubbish. Creating goods to last which are good for the environment in every way.
IMG_4025True happiness is making mistakes. I make lots of mistakes, I am always working out of my comfort zone, and I love being able to design things that are out of my current skill set. In this way I am forced to learn new skills, attempting crafts I have never tried before.
When I have an idea in my mind, and can teach myself how to turn it into a physical and tangible object, the satisfaction which ensues is wonderful. It is happiness, true happiness, and this drive to be happy and proud of all that I make means I will always push myself as a designer and maker.
This becomes a beautiful life worth living. This radiance which happiness produces is the fuel that keeps the world strong, and people are attracted to this, people come together to support creativity, and support people following their dreams. Showing that everyone deserves to be happy, and shows what you are truly capable of as a happy individual.

Zac Conway | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature

Over the years now, my skills which began with bookbinding bled into other areas of design, such as Bentwood Ring Jewellery. This increasingly popular and rustic art is a pleasure to create and truly has limitless potential. Being able to bring out the true beauty of timber and gems and wearing them close brings a new respect and love to those who wear these rings, making them think more about a sustainable world and the trees around them.
Sustainability is at the core of my business and I strive to find local materials which are completely sustainable and natural. Materials such as locally reclaimed timber, natural hemp fabric, and kangaroo leather are wonderful and incredible materials to work with.
I believe it is important as a business to find materials which meet these needs, and in all honesty it is very simple to do, and in the end your products are much better for it and the world too.
 Zac Conway | Sirensfinds | Artist Feature
With time, the shift towards sustainability will move from trendy, to essential and necessary, as there will not be a place for non sustainable goods in the world any more. Wonderful companies such as Tesla, have proven that the people want sustainable goods, they want electric cars over petrol. Now we face the challenge today of bringing other major faces to the sustainable front, and maybe then in time we won’t have to move to Mars or Titan because Earth is dead, but because we want to make another thriving and sustainable paradise like the Earth we have.

All around Zac and his work remind us that we should not only enjoy the beauty earth has given us, but work to preserve and share it as well. 

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