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How to Avoid Burnout Without Ever Really Trying

I was going to start this off by saying “it’s that time of year when burn out starts to really hit” but if we’re really being honest, burnout is always to be lurking. Burnout is the source of the dread that keeps you from starting a new project, burnout makes you procrastinate until the day before the deadline, burnout tells you not to share your work, burnout makes you stop creating which then leads you to fall into a pit of absolute despair and agony never to be rescued. Or…is that last one just me?

Have no fear though, friends. That zombielike feeling of project hopelessness is actually avoidable. Avoiding burnout is a huge key to self-improvement and making the most of your creative lifestyle, so here are a few tips to keep you and your creativity going.

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Get some sleep

Sleep is one of those new “trends” that shouldn’t be a trend as much as it should be common sense. Sleep can help you manage stress, improve your mood, and think much more clearly. Those 8 hours we were always told about as kids do really matter.

Feed Your Creativity on a Regular Basis

Even if what’s caused you to burnout is creative, it’s important to have some creative hobbies and pastimes on the side as well. Color, practice origami, try that one thing you’ve been wanting to do— do something that’s going to give you a chance to exercise other areas of your brain and imagination.

Take a Break

If you feel yourself on the brink of a breakdown you just may need to stop while you’re ahead. Take a walk, go to the store, call up a friend and discuss life, meditate. Give yourself a solid breather rather than push yourself off the edge.

Figure Yourself Out – Find Balance

Is there an area of your life you completely neglect or one you overindulge? Sort it out. Write down how your day typically goes in as great detail as you can. Put a star by the things you need to do more of and an ‘X’ next to things you need to do less of. See if there’s a way you can feasibly do that whether it’s rearranging your schedule or work habits…or just cutting something from your routine entirely.


So to wrap things up, how do you really avoid burnout?

Take Care of Yourself

In the midst of doing what you need to do for others, you need to take time to tend to your own needs. Eat better, make time to read or to spend with the people you love being around, get some sleep, treat your creative brain well—you deserve it AND you most definitely need it.


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