How to be Bold

The other day a close friend called me bold. I fought my urge to argue, but apparently the look (presumably of disgust) on my face was enough for them to back track, rephrase to unapologetic, and explain. Their definition of unapologetic was “boldly holding your own; not backing down when someone tries to call you out.” Well okay then. They then insisted I let them in on my secrets—these secrets I didn’t know I had—so here it goes.

How to be bold

Make your own rules
  • set your own standards and be unwavering in them
    • figure out what you’re all about (and what you’re very not about)
    • focus on those things
  • revise them when necessary
Go with your gut
  • any nagging you can’t settle with logic is worth paying attention to, even if only for a moment
    • pros and cons charts, venn diagrams, & talking to yourself may help you manage

*the same goes for any ideas that pop up continuously with no signs of going away

Learn proper use of “yes” and “no”
  • if it goes against your aforementioned gut or rules, consider it a no
  • if it makes you excited, consider it a yes
  • if you need more time don’t say maybe, let it be known that you need more time

*revisit that list of rules you came up with if you’re ever unsure what’s a “yes” and what’s a “no”

Try new things regularly
  • tap into those skills you always put aside
  • sign up for that class you’ve always wanted to take
    • force yourself out of your routine
    • but still get something you want out of it

*always being open to learning helps you see the world very differently

Do what others won’t
  • mix uncommon elements
  • commit some no-no’s
  • acknowledge your mistakes, laugh at them if you can muster it
  • admit when you’re wrong
  • tell the truth
    •  be tactful
    •  but still very honest

Being bold is about being true to yourself and not letting that be your reason to step on or be stepped on by others.


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