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Strength through Creativity| Brigida Swanson

Brigida Swanson is an artist who brings a joyful brightness to all of her creations. She’s been creating for a lifetime and draws much of her inspiration from sights she’s seen.

Artist Feature | SirensFinds | Brigida Swanson

I’ve been making art since I was a toddler, but I first started exploring the themes of gardens, urban homesteading and nature that are the main focus of Yardia when I was living in Rome, attending RISD’s European Honors Program. I spent a lot of time exploring botanical gardens within the city and began a long term creative exploration of the harmony that exists in a garden’s natural chaos and structure, growth and decay.

Brigida crafts her day about her artwork and uses painting as a mellowing process as well.

I’ve developed a morning routine that starts with meditation, exercise, breakfast and then painting before my day job. Getting up before dawn and knowing that I get to start the morning in my studio doing what I love is really what keeps me going. By the time the sun has risen and I have to go outside to feed the chickens, I’m refreshed, energized and ready to take on whatever the day will bring. …Painting is a very meditative process for me. I work with a lot of pattern using dots and lines to make up my watercolor illustrations, so I can get lost in the process. I highly recommend painting to anyone looking for a way to relax and be in the moment.Artist Feature | SirensFinds | Brigida Swanson

Beyond her illustrations and other creations, Brigida aims to inspire through her day job as well.

In addition to working as an artist, I teach art and leadership at an all-girls middle school. I’ve found that art and design can serve as gateways to help girls develop the skills to lead from their strengths and take the kinds of risks that allow them to grow into innovative, compassionate leaders. I’m proud to help these young girls develop a sense of creative confidence that will serve them well in many facets of their lives.

Be sure to follow Brigida’s creative journey through her website and on Instagram– @Yardia.


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