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Don’t Wait for the Weekend

I don’t believe in Mondays.

What I mean is I don’t believe that there is some mystical force surrounding Monday that automatically makes it an evil creature that we have to loathe every single week. With a little effort Mondays- and every other weekday- can be just as enjoyable as the weekend. 

Stop dreading the day before it even starts

Often times, we set up the picture of how we think the day will go and get so caught up in that made-up view that we completely ignore reality. If you set yourself up for failure before the day even begins, of course the day’s going to suck. To combat that negative way of thought, look for the good in your day.  

Enjoy the little things

Find things about your coworkers (yes, even that one) to appreciate. Savor your cup of coffee. Blast your favorite playlist all day long and be so happy about it that it annoys every single Monday hater you come across.

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Make Time for what you love because that shouldn’t be restricted to only two days a week

If weekdays really seem that horrible, do something about it. Designate time for your favorite hobby. Try to discover some new places in your city. Schedule your lunch or dinner with someone you love to hang out with. Do something that makes you happy during your week.

…Change what you do

If whatever your week initiates is truly something that makes you miserable, it may be time to find a different way of doing things. Enjoying what you do on a day-to-day basis is a major component in living a more enjoyable life.


So don’t wait for the weekend or the summer or whatever good you’ve exaggerated in your head. Any day, week, or month can be so much better if we give it a chance and a little effort. Creating a life you don’t need to escape from in work, hobbies, workouts, or whatever it is you dislike means living life to its fullest.


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