Flip Sides aka Bad Art I’ve Made

HI! I’m really excited to share a few blurbs about things I’ve made. The last time I did this, you seemed to like it so here we go again. Except…PLOT TWIST! It’s all incredibly bad art.

Being consistently inspired by Austin Kleon’s books, I wanted to share the stuff that’s not so great. In reality that’s most of what I make. The idea isn’t to lower your standards (or worth) but to become more accepting of what you create and be more honest with your process. For instance I’m working on a lot of things including myself as a person. The things I make or the fact that I haven’t worked on anything seriously in a while, shows that. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or upset about.

Here it goes.

The Not so Negative Skull


The Not so Negative Skull - Bad Art

Again, this was something I saw on Tumblr. It made me want to play with negative space. I wasn’t really sure where to start which it made it incredibly hard to progress or make anything of this really. Your mistakes though are supposed to be learning opportunities. For instance maybe I should try to do a little research before jumping into something I’m not familiar with. You know, like what everyone else already knows you’re supposed to do.

The Almost Watercolor Butterfly

The Almost Watercolor Butterfly - Bad Art

This wasn’t really an effort towards anything. I splashed ink on a paper at the beginning of inking and had to start my sketch over. Once I finished the real thing, I realized that I really didn’t want to waste my hours’ worth of sketch. So I played around with watercolors. Again, i have zero experience with this medium outside of a 10 minute video i watched months ago. Maybe I should try to practice some before I’m able to do what I’d like to with it.

The Meh Heart

The Heart - Bad Art

This is one of my favorite mistakes. It was inspired by a photo I saw on Tumblr last year—a heart without the…outer part of the heart. As soon as i saw it I knew I wanted to draw something like it. So i tried. I worked on pencilling all the little veins and made little notes of what I wanted shaded vs filled in. The problem is, I didn’t actually see how I wanted it to look until I’d already done it differently. The few people who have seen this don’t see what I hate, but it’s still there gnawing at my brain.

It’s not bad art, but it’s also not an accurate translation of what I saw or what my brain wanted.

That’s all for now. These are just a few of the many things I’m not too keen on at the moment. This doesn’t count the mounds of crumpled sheets or entirely marked out pages that even I can’t decipher.

Right now I’m working on so many things, the biggest project being myself. It’s becoming a bit more obvious in everything I do.

*cue foreshadowing, dramatic glance*

What have you been up to? Made any bad art? Good art? Awesome stuff in general? Show/tag me!

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Stay lovely, folks.


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