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How the Minimalism Game Changed My Life

While hosting the Creative Q and A with Kathleen, we got a question regarding house organization and cleaning. The asker wanted to know if that challenge would fall under the creative umbrella and if that was something that could be pursued in 30 days. It suddenly reminded me of finishing my second year in college. I moved from the dorms and back into my parents, cramped in an 8’x 8’space with all of my added dorm stuff. Desperate for space and change, I jumped into the Minimalism Game . Those 30 June days actually changed my life.

During my juni-more year I picked up the habit of shutting myself off from campus life for the sake of a book. I came across a little pamphlet looking paperback in one of my library sessions called Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life. At first the story of two hyper-successful dudes talking about how bad their success was for them didn’t appeal to my college student self. After a while though, I was sold. Whether it was their revelations or the idea of breathing room that got to me, I’m not sure. Either way, I started ticking off the days off their 30 day Minimalism game.

The rules: the number of the date is equal to the number of things you eliminate. A few days in there were incredibly painful as I parted with stacks of books, clothes, appliances. I remember feeling a little stripped after the second or third week and telling myself it wouldn’t last. During the last week, though, it was enjoyable and natural.

Despite the time that’s passed, amongst both old and new friends I’m known for having a limited-but-functional wardrobe, constantly finding new things to shed, and only giving useful gifts. Because of better organization I don’t accumulate stuff on whims and can exercise my organization in my many areas. It wasn’t just completing a challenge but also redefining the thought process as whole.

While I was able to give a chaste, streamlined answer during the Q and A, I wanted to add a few more comments. Due to the Minimalism Game—a 30 day challenge I participated in years ago— a great deal of my past few years has been incredibly different.

I learned…

  • To think about the usefulness of a purchase before buying
  • To make the most of what’s already there
  • To value experiences & people more than things
  • And to push through something even if it seems pointless. You won’t know until it’s over anyway.


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