How to Handle a Hater

There comes a point in every creative’s life when they come across a hater. Whether it’s through the almighty comments section, in the form of an email, or something as petty as a rude or fake suggestion. You can throw things, send a scathing reply, or let it fester and burn a hole into your very being, but none of those will actually help anything. Here are a few things you can do to clear your head of the negativity.


The Basics

Consider the Truth

Before we fly off the handle completely, it may do well to actually pay attention to what was said. Is it constructive criticism or is Negative Noah just a jerk? There’s a difference. If there is an element of truth to NN’s statement see if he may have a point.

Delete it

This is the simplest and fastest way. Out of sight may not really mean out of mind, but you don’t need to see a hater’s email every time you log into your account.

Reply Tactfully

In some cases, such as an incredibly public situation, simply deleting a comment isn’t the right answer. Take a moment to breathe, choose your words carefully, and craft a professional response that will make your hater rue the day he stepped out of bounds.

A Step Further

Laugh about it

Announce you have a joke next time you have a coffee with or call up a friend. Proceed to read the exact words NN left for you and have a laugh…

…Ask about it

An outside opinion with credibility (i.e. the friend you just called/had coffee with) will also be able to tell you truth about what’s been said. If it’s a solid pal they won’t be petting your ego, but giving you a truthful opinion on your hater situation.

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Cancel It Out

Truthfully haters don’t roll around too often, but when they do it seems incredibly more significant than any positivity. For every NN there’s probably more than a few Positive Pats cheering you on. Focus on them. If you have to take a screenshot, print, or otherwise hoard these notes do it. When the haters spew their nonsense you’ll have all the proof that you need against them.

Own It

No matter what you do there are people who are going to try to tear you down. While it would be great to have some kind of cure all against them, the only thing you can really do is shrug it off. Someone else’s bad day or permanent negative streak, canNOT define you if you keep on moving.


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