How to Keep Your Creative Resolutions

My newsfeeds are filled with the photos, quotes, and determination of people whose new year’s resolutions are still fresh on their minds. All of those fitness trackers that were received as Christmas gifts are proudly displayed in gym selfies, declarations of boxes donated to thrift stores in the name of organization and declutter have been made, and books have been read. Congrats!

…but what about the vows to make more or get better at that one art style? It’s a little harder to stay committed to goals when accomplishing them doesn’t have an as obvious result as many other resolutions. Don’t fear! Here are a few ways to help you keep your creative resolutions alive and have a fantastically artful journey.


Follow your role models on social media

What better way to stay inspired than to see the updates of those whose work you admire most? Whatever your social media poison is, search for your favorites and have your feeds filled with what they do. So follow their blogs, photos, or tweets! If you don’t know where to start, search hashtags relevant to what you’d like to do and check out the top posts.

Follow their follows/followers

Aka creep

Chances are you aren’t the only one inspired by your role model. Scroll through their followers and have your world open up. Additionally, see who they follow. Both ways you’ll find like-minded souls and even more reason to stay committed to your own goals.



Fine-tune your goals

Look at your goals. See them? Okay, now take anything that seems vague about what you want to accomplish and get specific. You don’t want to “make more” you want to create something new every month. You don’t want to just “get better at making jewelry”, you want to master metal stamping and perfect your soldering. Make your goals easier to visualize. Then…

Set mini goals

Sometimes the reason it’s hard to get into a goal is because it’s intense. There’s way too much going on and you have no idea where to start, so rather than excited you’re overwhelmed by it. The best way to achieve something major is to break it down into smaller even more manageable steps. If you focus on these smaller steps rather than a far off, scary larger one, you’re much more likely to stay motivated. Now that you’ve set a more specific main goal, you can better map out how to get there.

You Got This | SirensfindsChange Your Perspective

Okay, but what if you’re map still ends up a little murky? Try to look at what you’re doing with new eyes. One of your mini goals won’t or can’t work? It’s okay! Take a break, shake things up, and reassess the situation. Get someone else to have a look. Be willing to scrap everything that consistently doesn’t work because a large part of figuring out what works is acknowledging what doesn’t.

[bctt tweet=”A large part of figuring out what works is acknowledging what doesn’t.”]

Believe in Yourself

Is this bit cheesy? Yes. Is this bit necessary? YES. When negativity comes your way, it’s up to you to combat it. When you see your role models post something you love, it’s up to you to remind yourself that with the right resources and time you can get there too. While it does help to have outside support, this is your journey and these are your goals.

Start, Restart, and Repeat

You got this…or you’re in the process of figuring out how to get this. Either way you’re getting there. All you need to do know is look your goal(s) in the eye(s) and let them know that you plan on making them a thing of the past.

What goals do you plan on conquering this year?

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