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(How To) Take Time for Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

Let’s stop glorifying busy. It’s wonderful to have projects, responsibilities, and things to look forward to but being busy shouldn’t be considered some pillar of indisputable greatness. Taking care of one’s self is also pretty important. However, in a lot of fields it seems impossible to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about all of the things you’re not doing. So it’s time to figure out some ways to take time for yourself without feeling guilty.

Figure out why you need to take time off.

Make a list or simply be very clear to yourself as to why you need it. Are you burnt out? Do you need time with your family? Are you taking a trip on which working will be very impractical? Everyone eventually needs time to recharge and regroup. Highlighting the reason you need to take time off will help you justify it to yourself whenever the guilt tries to creep up on you.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Everyone takes a break eventually; you should too. Putting a huge amount of focus on doing (or not doing) something causes unnecessary stress. So, if you need to take a week or however much time off, approach it casually. Go somewhere familiar or just stay in.

Make it a regular thing.

Turning something into a habit or tradition makes it all feel much more natural. If making Sundays a day for yourself becomes a regular thing, it’s just another part of your schedule!

Make a clear “back to normal” date.

For some of us, it’s not the break period that causes stress as much as all of the things that we’ll have to get back to eventually. Setting a clear date for the end of your time away makes it easier to remind yourself that everything your mind reminds you needs to be done will be handled on or after Date X.

Plan ahead.

For others the fear of getting too comfortable is all too real. Set goals for things need to be done once break time’s over if that’s the case. Schedule times when you cover the things that won’t be seen to while you’re gone. Set alarms, if necessary, to really hold yourself accountable.

Do something that will better you. 

Typically in our regular schedule there’s not much time for classes, demos, or workshops is there? If you’re really in need of something to tether you during your vacation, plan to invest in yourself over your break. In addition to giving you yet another layer of justification you get that bonus feel for learning something new or leveling up.

We all come to certain points of exhaustion in our own time and we need to acknowledge and take care of that. However, we definitely don’t need to feel guilty about it. Ever.

Have any more suggestions for taking time for yourself and not feeling guilty about it? Leave a comment!


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