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An Introvert’s Guide to ‘Professional’ Social Media

It’s difficult to have to present yourself to strangers, and yes that includes on the internet. Here’s a quick guide of how you can help yourself out if you’re not the most extroverted creator out there.

I’m an ambivert! Ideally, I would be able to switch from introvert to extrovert on command, but unfortunately I cannot (not yet at least). Sometimes due to real life, I’m not able to post on social media because even the thought of being even more social is tiring. Here are a few things that help me stay somewhat on top of things…usually.

Use Your Real Voice

It’s tempting to see how someone else goes about crafting their online profile and think that that’s the only way to do it too. It’s not. Present things the way you would while in your most comfortable atmosphere. Use your own voice, it helps you keep consistency and shows your peeps exactly who you are. It’s also much less draining to than trying to be someone else.

Comment Wisely

You don’t have to comment on everything you like. That’s why the like function exists. If we did comment that often, it would take away the novelty of a comment. Be specific when you reply to something; say what it is you like about the photo! It doesn’t have to be a paragraph but it does show the account owner your authenticity. Additionally, recognize the value of an emoji used at the appropriate time ☺️

Hoard photos

If you see something you like, take a picture. You don’t have to share things right at the moment they happen, but you can create a collection of things to share later. This takes the stress of not having done anything post-worthy for the day away.

Hoard Articles

Want to (or feel like you need to) share something with your followers but don’t have anything to say yourself? Share an article from one of your favorite speakers, outlets, etc. You can use an app like Pocket to save things for later and post them when the time is right!

Regram, Retweet, Reblog, Share

An easy introvert-friendly way to collaborate is to simply share something of your peers. Did someone create something you really love? Share it! Make sure, of course, that you give them their credit!

Take Advantage of Larger Accounts

On days when you’re really not up for putting yourself out there, poke about in a larger accounts feed. Check out their followers (yeah, I know that sounds stalkerish), because chances are their interests are in line with what you do. Like some of their photos, then retreat. If they’re curious enough they’ll check out your profile. You might’ve just easily found some new members of your following!

Social media can be a bit draining when you’re not someone who likes to be in the public eye. Putting yourself out there often seems like some sort of sick ploy created by extroverts (it really might be). Hopefully these tips will help you share your work with the world and not die of exhaustion.


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