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Invest In Yourself- Notes from Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is without exaggeration one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world. So naturally, he was the guest for Day 1 of CreativeLive’s 30 Days of Genius. While the conversation between Chase Jarvis and Mark Cuban covered a large variety of subjects and key notes for creators, entrepreneurial spirits, and really, everyone in between my major take away was “Invest in Yourself.”

“Don’t follow your passion; follow your effort.”

Take a second and let the soak in. In a time when “don’t quit your day dream” and “follow your heart” abound it’s good to hear this grounding tidbit. While yes, dreams can come true and listening to your heart can yield some good, relying on dreams and hearts alone will bring you nothing. Effort, learning, and bettering yourself give you the tools you need to actually be able to live your daydream and make your heart happy. In other words: Invest.


“Where you spend your time, that’s what you’re good at.”

-with it’s follow up quote “What are you continuing to learn?”

When you want to embark on something new, you don’t open up Netflix and hope that in the midst of your pizza and Jessica Jones binge you’ll have learned a new skill. However that’s often our attitudes as creators. We spend our time doing more promotion and relaxing than actual creating and wonder why we don’t grow in our work. If you don’t put your time into something, you’ll have nothing to show for it. So, “Take what you learned and make it valuable.”


“Know what you’re good at. Know what you suck at.”

Long story short, lean in to your strengths. Better what you show proficiency in and don’t be afraid to let someone else handle what you’re not so great at.


Do something rather than nothing.”

To invest in yourself you have to put something in- more work, more classes, more networking. Gauge where you are and find a solid starting point. If you work from there, you’ll grow. If you simply gauge where you want to be and but never work towards that, you’ll never get there. It’s better to have a small start than never start at all.


As I mentioned before, the chat offered way more information and insights. If you’d like to watch the chat for yourself, (affiliate link) click here!


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