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Nutshell | July ’16

One of my favorite “series” on the internet is Marzia Bisognin’s monthly notes. Basically, it’s a wrap-up of what she’s been up to over the course of the month. While I’m not nearly as adventurous as she, I decided to do a little copycat series sharing random highlights of the month. This month I found something to drink, use, work on, read, and watch and I want to share them all with you!

To Drink: butterfly blue pea tea

This Month | Nutshell | July '16

At the beginning of July I set out on a quest to make a better bomb pop. While red (strawberry + hibiscus) and white (coconut water) were easy I struggled to find a natural blue. After a bit of research I came across butterfly blue pea flowers which make a brilliant natural blue color. It’s pretty, tasty, and tons of fun to play with.

To Use: washi tape

This Month | Nutshell | July '16

The Target “dollar” section rarely gets me in trouble, but washi tape for $1 isn’t something one comes across every day. There were tons of patterns, but these two went perfectly with my current penpalling stationery scheme. I’m very devoted to my gray and black aesthetic.

To Work On: origami art?

This Month | Nutshell | July '16

One of my most frustrating fights of the month was working on getting a print a week out on society 6. It didn’t happen. Despite my effort, I kept failing on the project I want to get done! I’ve started and restarted way too many times but I think I’m on to something solid with this new completely revised (and entirely different from my original idea) version of this project. The key, I think is to start simple and try to build from there. That way when you do have to revise and restart you can better see where you went wrong and how can get somewhere else…hopefully.

To Read: Creativity Inc, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Doctor Sleep

This Month | Nutshell | July '16

I’ve been much more devoted to my TBR. Unfortunately, I think I’ve just been judging books by their covers. Creativity Inc, I’ve avoided for quite some time thinking that it wasn’t for me simply because I don’t give a hoot about Pixar (there I said it!). It’s so much more than the story of Pixar. If you’re in need of a boost regarding how to revise your method of work, please read Creativity Inc. It is so full of advice.

I’ve already ranted a bit on The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. It’s been on my list for years and I finally checked it out from the library only to be severely disappointed by the storyline and completely confused by it in general. The basis— a protagonist who begins to taste the emotion behind the things she eats—is incredibly interesting but the story goes absolutely nowhere.

Doctor Sleep has been on my radar since it was released. I love horror, suspense, and thrillers in novel form so I was excited to finally get to Doctor Sleep. The story follows Dan (little Danny from the Shining) as an adult as he uses this abilities and eventually connects telepathically with a young girl who’s in danger due to her mystical power.  There’s a slow start but a nice mystery that unfolds once you get into it.

To Watch: Rosanna Pansino

Cooking shows are my weakness. Throw in nerdy references, cute treats, and a lovely host and I’m all in. Her channel will definitely make you want to try something fun.


That’s been my July in a nutshell. What have you been up to?




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