Print Stop | December 2016

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Unlike other posts of this kind, there’s no theme for these items. All they have in common is that I really like them all. Hope you do too!

All things Galaxy from Gus_Gus

Galaxy Pillows from Gus_Gus on Society6 Print Stop

One: Cold Dance Part 2 / Two: Color Collision / Three: In the Blues / Four: Pink Bllad

The galaxy trend is over for most people, but for those die hards who love space it will never end. The Gus_Gus shop has different styles and colors of galaxy inspired patterns. There are also a plethora of watercolor skycaps in other applications available too, if the galaxy style does not appeal.

Alice in Wonderland and the Caterpillar by Noel ILL

ALice in Wonderland Print Noel ILL on Society 6 | Print Stop

Good literary illustrations never get old. The whimsical detail in the scenery adds so much to the characters who are already absolutely adorable. In particular, the depth implied by the placement of the leaves. Also, look at the Caterpillar’s lil face!

The Bridge and the Mist by Dan Howard

Dan howard on Society 6 Print Stop

Something a little more dramatic is this bridge scene by Dan Howard. It’s gorgeous, mysterious, and rings a little of Silent Hill…as does anything, in my brain, with fog. This style is one I’ve often seen at discount retail stores on less sturdy material for the same price.

The Gathering Fashion Illustration by Elaine Biss

Fashion Illustartion by Elaine Biss


Whether fashion, minimalist style, or bold colors on dark backgrounds are your thing this print covers it. The artist, Elaine Bliss, has a myriad of darling fashion illustrations that use lines colors and texture incredibly well. I chose this one because it shows a good variety of her work.

Kind Evil Bugs by Boriana Giormova

Boriana Giormova on Society 6 Print Stop

Kind Evil Bugs immediately made me smile. In just the slightest way, the set up reminded me of Pon and Zi. This art style is entirely different from Pon and Zi, but the idea of this little oddballs being sweet definitely brought back memories.

Witch Vibes from SpiralSilhouettes

Witch Prints SpiralSilhouettes on Society 6 Print Stop

Amethyst / Candle / Besom / Cauldron

Initially, I was drawn to SpiralSilhouettes by a Sailor Moon piece. Scrolling through there were so many fantastic things that I absolutely loved! All of these witchy ones caught my attention. Crystals and candles are longstanding nearly universal favorites and SpiralSilhouettes prints are a great way to show love for them when you can’t have the real thing.


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