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Print Stop | June 2016


Simple and unusual are the things that tend to catch my eye. Here are six prints that fall into either of those categories that I absolutely admire.

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‘Shell Texture’ by Patterns and Textures

Shell Texture | Patterns and Textures | Sirensfinds

Anyone who loves the beach could recognize this beautiful iridescence anywhere. Shell! The unique beauty of a shell captured in decor form is a wonderful reminder of how truly amazing the ocean and everything around it is.

Mountains’ by Georgiana Paraschiv

Mountains | Georgiana Paraschiv | Sirensfinds

There’s always charm in a piece that can show so much with so little. Scattered mountain illustrations on a solid background provide a slightly whimsical take that can appease both your inner minimalist and adventurer.

Lunar Pattern – Abstract Black And White Moon Pattern’ by PrintPix

Lunar | PrintPix | Sirensfinds

If I asked my friends to describe me, I really hope their description would include “abstract moon” somewhere. Well placed splatter and an eye for the cosmic causes this lunar patterned print to hit both the creative and space obsessed in the right way.

‘Bingo’ by Wacka

Bingo | Wacka | Sirensfinds

The retro vibes are incredibly strong with this one. Even though they’re black and white sprinkles instead of those iconic turquoise, magenta, and blue ones, the memories of VHS rentals, roller rinks, and paper cups are undeniable in this fun print from Wacka.

A11X by Georgiana Paraschiv

Georgiana Paraschiv | Sirensfinds

Modern and abstract, simple and beautiful, and…even more black and white. Who knew brushstrokes could look so posh?

Aluminum Foil by Patterns and Textures 

Aluminum foil Patterns and Textures | Sirensfinds

Finally,here’s the pleasantly bizarre: aluminum foil. Appreciation of the everyday and a good look at what others may not pay much attention to comes into play here. Foil isn’t something generally thought of as fun, gorgeous, or a good addition to one’s collection…of anything, but it manages to work well as an artful addition.


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