Print Stop | October 2016

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I’ve never liked florals, which for the longest time, led me to believe I wasn’t much of a plant-pattern person. Turns out I’ve just always been exposed to bad florals. Over the past few months, I’ve found a ton of glorious plant related prints that I adore, and of course, I wanted to share them all with you.

Botanical pattern

by Oilikki

black background, colorful plant

Vibrant colors on a black background is a major win. Combine that with some glorious botanical life, and it’s a lovely print to add to your collection.

Changes BW

by Jacqueline Maldonado

black and white leaves

Watercolor effect can make almost anything look more amazing, just as black and white makes anything look more dramatic.

watercolour cacti and succulent

by Vicky Webb


At some point, cacti and succulents were deemed cool. Blame colorful illustrations like this for perpetuation of said trend. It’s wonderful.

Cactus and Mushrooms

by Franciscomffonseca


Mushrooms are oddly fascinating members of nature. Let’s celebrate them along with our undying love of cactus, yeah?

Terrarium Pattern in Yellow

by Evannave


Not all of us were meant to be plant owners. For we without green thumbs, there are un-kill-able art print terrariums.

Water color garden

by Franciscomffonseca


More whimsy and watercolor nature to behold.

Leaf pattern II

by CreativeBD By Amir


Simplicity and green would make this piece a fantastic addition to home decor that loves the light and natural.

My Best Garden

by Franciscomffonseca


Okay, so this one has more than a few flowers in the mix, but the variety is definitely worth noting.

Palms Black

by Caitlin Workman


These palms offer a bit more sophistication, and are perfect for a minimalist set up.

Cactus and Pineapples white

by Franciscomffonseca


Cacti are cool but pineapples are even cooler.

That’s all for now. Please note that while the stationery card preview versions of this pieces are used here, there are PLENTY of other mediums and styles available upon clicking through. This is just a move used to protect these from being stolen. Now go support some artists.


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