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I am constantly sharing the work of fantastic artists on Tumblr and Pinterest. I sift through things of until I see something that I would most definitely purchase for a friend and queue up a dozen or so more for all to see. Occasionally, I tuck some things away to my own wish list or just privately marvel at things I long to add to my own collection. Here are a few quote prints I’ve adored for the past few weeks.


I really don’t consider myself adventurous in the slightest. If wander, I am definitely one of those who is lost. Even so, I can’t help but love these two adventure themed pieces by Zack Terrell and Weareyawn.

Lost Prints I love Words

Adventure- Prints I love Words











If I’m going to wander and get lost, I imagine both a van and warm fire would be immensely helpful.


My earliest memories are of little me getting in trouble for having something sarcastic to say. As an adult, very little has changed except now I’m more apt to flaunting my snark. Elisabeth Fredriksson‘s celebration is perfect.

Sarcasm Prints I love Words


Play Prints I love Words

silence Prints I love Words


John Tibbott and Marc Johns know you don’t always need a complex print with intricate details to say something.


I’ve always found it interesting that statements made hundreds of years ago can still be so poignant. Here, Cat Coquillette and Matthew Taylor Wilson share the words of Van Gogh and Picasso in beautiful script.

Picasso Prints I love Words

Van Gogh Prints I love Words


Not only were Picasso and Van Gogh great painters, but they also had some great things to say.


I can see myself down the line in an apartment with walls plastered in quote prints. Whether it’s the words themselves, how they’re presented, or the message of the print as a whole I’m always up for a good quote.

What are your favorite quotes (or prints)?

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