5 Short Breaks that Foster Creativity

I love a good break. Rather than stay on a difficult project when it’s clearly going nowhere, it tends to be helpful to step away from the project for a little while. It’s tempting to do something like watch a few episodes of that show everyone’s been talking about chances are it will not spur anything new in your mind.

[bctt tweet=”Short breaks aren’t the time to completely remove yourself from a project.”] It’s a time that allows you to think differently and on a much less specific scale. Think of it as giving yourself a breather. During a workout, you know you’ve got to finish the workout, but you’re equipping yourself with the breath to do so, not completely abandoning the workout for a week or so.

5 Short breaks that foster creativity

Call a Friend

It’s possible to go over the same points again and again and see nothing wrong. Then the moment someone else is involved, they point out something obvious that you’re missed. Use this to your advantage.

Or talk to someone about what they’re working on for a change. Pay attention. Catching up with friends can change your mood too. And who knows, hearing their ideas might spur your own.

Research the origin

Finding where you’re coming from can help you figure out how to get somewhere new. Additionally, grasping a better understanding may help you find an area you hadn’t considered looking into before.

Starting Point: an encyclopedia! If you don’t have easy access to a set and don’t feel like heading to a library try

Tip: The further reading section on offers even more helpful resources.

Use YouTube to Expand Your Brain

I’ve found that YouTube is still largely regarded as the place to look up that one scene from that one movie, commercials, and tutorials. While I won’t deny that YouTube is good for all of those things, it’s also great for learning completely new things.

Starting Point: VSauce

You know those questions that you have that you’d thought never had an answer? This channel answers them. It’s hard to come away from these videos without thinking differently on how you’re looking at the world.

TED Talks

TED talks are something you’ve probably heard of but have probably yet to experience. Leaders in a variety of fields, notably Technology, Entertainment, and Design share and discuss ideas. There are plenty of videos on a vast variety of subjects and at less than 20 minutes each you can be fascinated, informed, encouraged, or whatever you need to power through your project.

Starting point: “Your Elusive Creative Genius” by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Be encouraged to think differently about the part you play in the creative process.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to get back to creating. Keep those breaks light and keep ‘em creative.

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  1. Garrett L

    January 26, 2016 at 12:57 am

    Absolutely wonderful writing and a great message to creators! This website and everything born from it will be an awesome contribuition to the creatives of this world!

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