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Rightful Heir by Becca Ketelsleger (Book Review)

Before anything else, I must note that this was not a paid review. The Rightful Heir ARC was sent to me for an honest review. All thoughts below are my own. Also, thank you, Becca!

If you’re thinking “Why does Becca Ketelsleger sound so familiar?” chances are you remember reading about her writing journey OR you’ve had a chance to pick up her first book Noble Warrior. 


Set in a medieval world the story of Detta Antille, an adventurer at heart, unfolds. However after the death of the King, Detta finds herself in something greater than she could have ever imagined. The King’s sister, the former queen, and the King’s handpicked successor are all at odds and Detta must fight for what she believes in in more ways than one.

My thoughts:

Rightful Heir ‘s story is packed with ups and downs, twists and turns, and characters you won’t soon forget. Detta Antille is our strong female protagonist who holds her own against the best. While it did take a little bit for me to warm up to her, I was definitely rooting for her when it counted.

Due to the intensely descriptive settings, it’s very easy to get completely enthralled in the villages, kingdom affairs, and action. The best part is just when you think the story’s going to get predictable, it DOESN’T. I was most pleased with the character growth and how much that played into creating not just the story but also the tone and world as well.

Although Rightful Heir is the sequel to Noble Warrior, you can ease right into the story without having read it’s predecessor (though I highly recommend Noble Warrior too). If you love action, adventure, medieval politics, and your emotions being pulled every direction in the best way possible, you should definitely pick up Rightful Heir.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Rightful Heir. It’s a fantastic reminder that the past doesn’t have to hold you back and even when things do get tough we have plenty more adventures ahead.

Rightful Heir will be available November 13th on Amazon. Until then, grab Noble Warrior for a taste of everything that’s to come from Rightful Heir.




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