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How to Handle a Rut Without Ever Really Trying

Being in a rut can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes the brain doesn’t do what it needs to do.  Everything you try might fail, your clients just aren’t as impressed as they used to be, or ideas may not come at all.  Here are some suggestions of things to do to get you out of that rut. 

Keep creating

First off, don’t give up quite yet. Take a short break then get right back to creating. Work on a different project, devote some energy to your “side hustle”, keep exercising your skills and creative muscles. You may not get exactly what you were looking for but you’ll get something. Keep on creating so you don’t block the flow of ideas or get out of the habit of doing for too long. 

Go with Your “Gut”

Take a moment to figure out whether you might be ignoring yourself or not. If you’ve got a nagging feeling that could lead you in one direction or another, being in a rut is the perfect time to act on it. The result could solve your problem or make it undeniably more clear whoch route you should actually take. Don’t ignore your gut.

Tap into your treasury

Admit it. We all have that folder. Random screenshots, bookmarks, and other pocketed items that we save as a inspiration. Seeing the things you wish you could do, want to eventually do, and just love to look at could be a great way to unlock something within you that will be helpful to your current project. Go through that as inspiration or take some time to add to it if you need a solid productive break

What Would ______ Do?

This is your time to channel your heroes. Read through their works, remind yourself of their stories and progress, let the ones you admire guide you along your way. What good is a mentor if you never heed their advice? Apply what you can to your situation and try to claw yourself out of your rut.

Restart Entirely

There’s a reason I’ve put this one last: no one wants to scrap a project. After all the time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, love, supply, etc that you’ve put into something the very last thing you want to do is throw it away. Restarting could either mean changing up the steps you take or really letting something die.

Overall, remember that a bump in the road, wall, or rut isn’t necessarily the end. Keep going and make the most of the pause and new paths that may branch out as a result. It may be rough, but you’re not alone. You’ve got this!

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