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How to Ease the Pain of Scrapping Ideas

I’m finally scrapping ideas I’ve been desperately holding on to for way too long. It’s severely painful.

Sometimes a project takes a few minutes to an hour. Other times, weeks, months, or years. At the end of it though, a project is still a project and you want to be proud of it no matter how long it took.

But sometimes the project sucks.

Despite the idea it spawned from, your time, skill, retries, and time, the final product just isn’t presentable. It’s never ideal. There are deadlines, quotas, personal goals, and expectations that have to be met and scrapping an idea means not reaching those. How are you supposed to deal with that?

Step 1: pout.

Step 2: salvage what you can.

As a whole, a project may be terrible. Break it apart, and something in there might still be useful. A sketch, idea, comment, something may be reusable. After all, “somewhere in the mess might be a gem.”

Step 3: mourn.

By mourn, I mean let those who need to know know what’s going on. You’ve already cried about it, so now it’s time to clean up what’s left. It may not be pretty but it’s necessary.

Step 4: remind yourself of the good times.

The creative process involves a lot. Chances are you learned plenty while working on your project. It’s possible you’ll be able to apply these later on.

Step 5: have hobby time

Make some time for your favorite thing. Do that thing.

Step 6: accept it

There are other projects in the cloud, friend. This particular one just happened to be a bad one. The sooner we accept that the thing didn’t work, we can move on to others that will.

Step 7: get over it

(Get started on something else. There are tons of other things to get done. Get to it.)


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