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Sending Out the Year

This started off as a list of great things I discovered this year. Books, encouraging prints and videos, amazing people, and so much more that highlighted what we can collectively agree was a rough year. As I compiled the list though, everything was only really applicable to me, and I don’t need to share it with anyone because everyone has their own list of good things. They just probably haven’t written it all down.

Seriously, think about 2016. A few great movies came out and others that have been out for years, were watched for the first time and loved! the same goes for podcast, albums, videos, poems—any form of media. articles and apps might have gotten you through a rough patch too. Things were accomplished, good days were had, friends were made, projects were finished, and perfect doodles/lines/proposals happened. Maybe something on social media made you laugh, smile, or really think. Possibly even you felt well rested one day or actually got to cross off everything on your to-do list.

Okay, okay I won’t list anymore of the potential good things. By now you get the idea. The little happy things throughout the year can add up to something greater. While of course many of us suffered through loss, pain, and negativity (and it sucks), those weren’t the only things that happened. There were things amidst all the bad that were actually rather incredible. It might take some serious memory digging to get to, but they’re there.

Before sending out 2016 with a hearty “Eff you” and middle fingers at the ready, we should take a bit of time and acknowledge the good stuff. The stuff we want to see more of in the new year.

…then we can tell 2016 to get far away from us as possible.

Cheers to bigger, brighter, and much better things.


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