Shop Small Gift Guide ’16

Hardcore gift giving season is practically here. There are plenty of major retailers out there with tempting sales, but this year why not consider supporting smaller businesses while crossing off the names on your shopping list. This shop small gift guide exists so you can discover new wonderful products you won’t be able to find in a mall.

Greeting Cards by Oh Hi

Greeting cards by Oh Hi

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Oh Hi’s plethora of darling cards. Make sure everyone on your list hears from you with a card they most likely won’t also be getting from someone else.

Sweetest and Most Sparkly | Get Lit | Many Tanks | Yay

Ornament Necklace from | Gift Guide '16

Ornaments and metal beauties from Fabled Treasures

Fabled Treasures captures stories in metal jewelry, key chains, and home decor. The story may be yours, like in personalized pieces, or the piece itself may tell a story.

Ornament  | Necklace 

Each piece is handcrafted, it doesn’t get more special than that.

Jasper Ring from | Gift Guide '16

Jewelry from SmashFire Designs 

Want a dazzling accessory for the boldest in your crew? SmashFire has a diverse assortment of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to choose from.

Aromatherapy Shoppe | Gift Guide '16

Self care from The Aromatherapy Shoppe

Pick up something soothing and delightfully scented for someone who deserves a little time for themselves. With a variety of bath bombs, soaps, lotions, oils, and sprays, treat someone to treat themselves.

Soaps  | Bath Bombs 

Autumn Bebe Accessories | Gift Guide '16

Stylish pieces for the kiddies from AutumnBebe

Don’t forget the little ones on your list! AutumnBebe’s goal is to supply fashion forward parents with the accessories that will make their babies and toddlers just as stylish as the rest of the family.

Bow | Scarf| Beanie

HorseAndHare | Gift Guide '16

Something wonderfully peculiar from HorseAndHare

I found these fantastic heart tattoos (full disclosure: I thought they were stickers until I got home) at Kitsch. While I haven’t seen these in their online shop there’s plenty more to love. A gander at the HorseAndHare and you know exactly which friend you’ll be able to make a purchase for.

Natural Products from WIldRūt | Gift Guide '16

Natural products from WildRūt

At its base, WildRūt aims to provide better access to wholesome natural products. Portions of the proceeds from WildRūt’s sales goes toward educating others on healthy lifestyle choices and making natural products more accessible to the community.

the Studio 336 Decal on my laptop | Gift Guide '16

Encouraging designs from Studio 336

See that decal? It helped me get through my last year of university. Studio 336 is a collection—banners, mugs, decals, canvas prints— of darling illustrations and encouraging phrases. Because of their versatility, the decals are my personal favorite of all the encouraging boosts.

Local bakeries

Along with gift giving season are baking and visiting seasons, however not all of us love to bake. Rather than stopping by a grocery store, head to a bakery in your area! How to find them? Simply search ‘bakeries in’ your city (or a city close by) and check out their menus. There. You’ve now given your guest/host/self the gift of knowing there’s a lovely bake shop with *insert random yummy goody here* in the area.

As I said at the beginning this is just a starting point. There are thousands of little shops that would love your business.

Leave a link to your favorite shop in the comments so we can all explore even more greatness.



  1. Jen

    November 17, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Great post Serena!! Love all the small shops you featured!

    1. Serena

      November 22, 2016 at 12:25 pm

      Thank you! And thanks for sharing your shop with me too!

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