Should’ve Stayed Home

Life is weird. Yet somehow in the midst of it all I feel EXTRA strange. Recently, I’ve found it very off-putting that I don’t seem to love what my friends and family love; that I don’t laugh at the funny stories my friends tell; that I always feel off. Sure, there have always been moments of feeling out of place, left behind, etc, but right now it’s all so pronounced. Mainly, I feel like I should’ve stayed home.

It’s very unclear where the feeling’s actually coming from though. I didn’t used to mind being a bit of an outsider. There didn’t seem to be any other choices and I was okay with that. Now it’s just kind of a gray world of restlessness where you want to go home despite being in your bedroom. Of course it’s not the kind of feeling that explains why you don’t want to go to a Gilmore Girl’s watch party or why you’re turning down yet another prime seat at an upcoming show…and that just makes it worse.

Rather than bore, annoy or possibly insult friends or family, I picked apart what I felt so I could put in on paper. This is how it turned out.

alien- spaceship

It’s pretty basic since I’ve had very little motivation when it comes to making new things and my focus is shot when it comes to creating intricate details, but I love it. It’s simple. It says what I want it to, and I’m pretty sure the lil alien is my new thing. This one means a lot to me.

Maybe it’ll make someone else smirk or nod.

Maybe they’ll feel nothing at all.


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  1. blueser88

    October 20, 2016 at 5:59 am

    I just wrote a blog on that feeling of wanting to go home when you’re already there 🙂 but to me this sounds like how I felt when I was quite low. Hugs – that feeling of not wanting to go out but not wanting to stay in, not wanting to sit down but not wanting to stand up, is really tough

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