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Do Something Today – Notes from Seth Godin

The Icarus Deception was one of the first “creative” book recommendations that I actually purchased rather than just checked out of the library. Within the first few pages I knew that Seth Godin was someone I’d love to hear more from. It’s hard to come away from anything with or by Seth Godin with only one note, so I decided to just share one of my favorites from Godin’s 30 Days of Genius interview.

Do Something Today - Seth Godin Quote | Sirensfinds

“Do something today that you’ll be glad you did.”

Simple, right? That’s why I love it.

It’s easy to get caught up in planning, dreaming, hoping, and scheming, but if we actually take time to think about it, how often do any of those things we scheme get actual airtime? There’s a good amount of comfort in the planning stage, when nothing’s certain and you can just pay around with it…but really, nothing is *ever* certainThat’s why it’s so important to do something with those plans and not let those plans stay plans.

This little nugget goes right along with following your effort rather than your “passion” because passion is this mystical far off being that you may or may not get a grasp on. Your effort, however, always has a result.

If you’re like me, this is the part where you cry “What if the product of my effort is total crap?” It’s still one more product than you had before and it gives at least a starting idea of what you can do better and shows you where you really need to make improvements.

Additionally, doing something that you’ll be glad you did is marginally better than doing something just to get it out of the way or, you know, doing nothing. If you’ll be glad you did this thing, one can assume it’s something that’s going to help you on the path to wherever it is you want to go or to whatever it is you want to accomplish. Life’s about a series of small things leading us to something bigger. Make those small things worth it.

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