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Flip Sides aka Bad Art I’ve Made

HI! I’m really excited to share a few blurbs about things I’ve made. The last time I did this, you seemed to like it so here we go again. Except…PLOT TWIST! It’s all incredibly bad art. Being consistently inspired by Austin Kleon’s books, I wanted to share the stuff that’s not so great. In reality that’s most of what I make. The idea  ...

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How can you be an artist or maker and a minimalist? 

How do you manage being an artist or maker AND a minimalist? To figure this out I think we should define the word. What is a minimalist? Do they even coexist with creators? If I could copy The Minimalists about page here, I would.  Minimalism is, as according to the people I learned about minimalism from, “a tool to rid yourself of life’s  ...

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How the Minimalism Game Changed My Life

While hosting the Creative Q and A with Kathleen, we got a question regarding house organization and cleaning. The asker wanted to know if that challenge would fall under the creative umbrella and if that was something that could be pursued in 30 days. It suddenly reminded me of finishing my second year in college. I moved from the dorms and  ...

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30 Day Challenge – Creating a Habit

For the past 3 years, my ukulele Mo has been my main squeeze. The problem is I’m not a great musician. Of course, with 3 years of practice I can eek out “Over the Rainbow” and the obligatory few folk and Twenty One Pilots songs, however my general ukulele playing could use some work. Therefore for the month of August, I  ...

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