Tale of Two Creatives with Kathleen Warren

Since starting Sirensfinds I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderful creative folks. When I met Kathleen something clicked and we decided to make something of our shared interests in encouraging creatives and in the process of creating on a daily basis. That’s where the Tale of Two Creatives started.

Kathleen and I have done a quick interview together, which you can check out over on her blog, discussing our current creative journeys as well as how we deal with our own projects and processes. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

What sort of things do you sift through when you get stuck?
Serena:  Books are my go-to when I’m stuck. Reading someone else’s ideas, worlds, or characters, helps me to think differently and use different eyes when looking at my own projects. Otherwise I scour Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram for visual inspiration.
Kathleen:  Creating every day forces you to be on the lookout for inspiration. I call it inspiration hunting. Being a visual person, I look to other visual media like Instagram, art books and Museum websites. Right now, I am in a huge abstract expressionist phase. I often look to the landscape around me and break it into elemental geometric shapes like my Four Elements series. I keep a notebook in my digital Evernote account full of design and color ideas. That’s where I go when I’m stuck…

Click here to read the full interview and be sure to follow both Kathleen and Sirensfinds on Instagram to be updated about part 2 of our tale.



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