Tale of Two Creatives part 2

Kathleen and I had more to discuss regarding our daily creative challenges. Once again you can read all about it in Kathleen’s studio notes blog!

Here’s a quick slice so you can get a feel of what it’s all about:

What benefits have you seen from doing this long-term challenge?
Serena: Now I work a little faster (and harder!) on bringing my ideas into actuality…
Kathleen: My art practice has become a regular habit…

Click here to read the interview and see our full answers.

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Every afternoon during the week of September 5-9, we’ll be answering your questions on the following subjects:


September 5: How to get started
September 6: How to make it doable
September 7: How to make time
September 8: How to stay motivated
September 9: How to use what you learned


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