The 5 Stages of New Projects


All right, let’s do this. I’ve got my materials. The client is awesome. The deadline is…well it’s a deadline. Now to get it done…yeah.


My software’s crashed, the client won’t answer ANY of my messages, every attempt has looked more horrible than the last, and I’m not sure I even remember what sleep is.

This is the worst thing I’ve ever tried to do. It’s dumb, it’s horrible, it’s an ABSOLUTE waste of my time. I need a drink. And a break. And a new job.


Why did I say I was going to do this? This is way too difficult.

Maybe it’s me? Am I even the right person for this project? I knew I shouldn’t have accepted it. There are hundreds of better people out there who would have completed this way faster with no problems. I should’ve given them the name of someone more qualified…should be more qualified.

This is going to turn out horribly and I’ll be banned from from creating anything ever again. They should cut off my hands and feed them hogs…


I may be horrible, my original plan may be failing, and this might be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I WILL do this. If they hate it. That’s they’re problem. I’ve done what I can to the best of my ability. If they wanted something like what [insert person’s name here] does then they should have asked [person] then, shouldn’t they?


Is it done? Yeah it’s done. If I tell myself it’s done, I prevent myself from overdoing it, right? Or am I…no, nope it’s done. So I’m going to close my eyes and hit send.

*ping* wait they like it? I did the right thing? I mean of course I did. Great. Fantastic. Now, on to the next thing.

(Repeat entire process as necessary)


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