Tone It Down – What to do When You Get Ahead of Yourself

In my head, I’m an overachiever. In actuality I’m a shy, timid being who would much rather scribble on sticky notes and read comic books than go along with any of my plans. However after I came across the quote “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try,” I decided that I could probably be doing more. Thanks a lot, Seth Godin. Quite a few good things have come of my hyperactive imagination, but most of the time I need to tone it down.

My brain is very big picture. While I can take time to appreciate the steps and little things that make up the big picture, it’s still easy for me to get discouraged, drained, and stuck before I’ve even started. Recently, since it’s become more of a hindrance than ever, I’ve tried to break down the getting ahead of myself part so I can, well, not do that.

Tone it Down

As soon as I get incredibly excited about a possibility or a project that will take a while, I tell myself to chill. No matter my excitement level, there are plenty of things I need to do before the big one happens. When I’m thinking about the make up of project rather than my desired outcome, there’s a better chance of enjoying the journey it will take.

Get to Know Yourself

Take some time to acknowledge who you are. The only way to accomplish a Kiera P Awesome goal is to be Kiera P Awesome. Remember your resources, time, personality, energy levels, skills levels, etc as a grounding tool (and as fuel!). Tailoring goals, to-do lists, and everything else to my actual self brings actual progress. Go figure.

Be realistic

Reality is not fun. However, it’s where I live. This means prioritizing, rescheduling, and cancelling things when necessary. Find comfort in the thought that it’s not a “never going to happen” but rather a “not now.”

Write about it

If I let my mind mull over the details of something without writing it down, it overwhelms me and I use it as an excuse to not pursue it. When I write down everything I can think of about something—pros and cons, expectations, possible hindrances, ways to expand, ways to make it happen—I can come back to it, revise as necessary and see what logical things can be worked on at the moment.

As usual, I’m learning. If you’ve got any tips I’d LOVE to hear them! Until the next time, let’s just all try to be real with ourselves and do what we can where we are.




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