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Why Makers Should Support Makers

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing some say “I’m not paying for that because I could totally make that” after looking at something someone’s made. Most of the time I’d like like to have them prove it, but that’s a little extreme..or so I’ve been told. As a maker, you should be thrilled to see and support the work of others and not just be a critic.

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Because you get it

You understand that it’s not just materials they’ve purchased and thrown together. You understand there was time involved, probably a lot of trial and error, and most of all their ideas. You’re not buying something you can find anywhere, it’s one of a kind and it took a lot to make it that way.

Because it’s not all a competition

While of course it’s understandable to be wary those who can possibly replace you, it’s important to remember that not every maker is out to get you. With so many styles and mediums out there it’s not hard to find something you absolutely love that’s entirely different from what you do.

Because support doesn’t always mean spend

The internet is a lovely place for exposure. It’s a way to get your name out there, BUT it’s also a way to share the name’s of others who may not be quite as out there yet. In a world that’s so quick to encourage when someone jumps to bashing something they’re against, [bctt tweet=”we’d create a more productive community if we spent just as much time promoting what we really liked as we did throwing shade at what we don’t like” via=”no”].

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Because it’s a boost

Remember your first followers? Remember your first order, commission, or project? Remember the first time someone in your field you didn’t necessarily know encouraged you? It’s an unforgettable feeling. You can be that for someone else whether you order something, follow someone, or share their work to your crew.

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Because life’s about community

It’d be cool to have people just flock to you, but we all know that’s not how life works. Instead of sitting back and hoarding followers, be a follower. Be a liker and a supporter. Build relationships and help each other be better makers.

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